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Vermeer Great Plains is a full service equipment dealer that is Customer Service driven.  Our service department specializes in maintenance, troubleshooting, electrical and hydraulic service issues in our shop or out in the field. Our technicians participate in Vermeer Corporation’s Service Technician Certification program.  This program is an industry leading, field proven education training program conducted by Vermeer Corporation’s, Vermeer University.    

Our Service Manager stresses to the customer to perform daily maintenance and inspection checks and schedule maintenance appointments per the specific equipment’s maintenance manual.  During the scheduled maintenance visits, our tech will look over the equipment to ensure there are no items that may need repairing in addition to the scheduled maintenance.  Applying the daily maintenance, inspection checks, and scheduled maintenance appointments will help to prolong the life of the equipment, lessen downtime, and improve efficiency.    

Three other tips for increased uptime is using the proper oil for the equipment, keeping the dirt out of hydraulic oil and engine oil, and keeping the engine and hydraulics at the proper temperature range.   

Vermeer Great Plains also is an authorized Vactron Equipment dealer.  Our shop is fully capable of repairing your Vac-Tron equipment.  Whatever, the manufacturer of equipment, maintenance is an integral element of the function of any piece of equipment.  

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VP of Sales
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Sales Rep
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Product Specialist (Trenchless)

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Product Specialist (Environmental)

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Corporate Parts Manager
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Service Manager
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Parts Manager